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How can I keep my car running in good condition?
You must do these checks -  battery, tires, fuel filters & injectors, belts and hoses, spark plugs, alternator, brakes, fluid levels (washer fluid, oil, coolant, brake fulid, power sterring etc), wheel bearing lubrication, ball joints, etc.  Of course Barry Clarke Automotive will do these checks for you in a regular service - book now

When do I need to change my Auto transmission oils?
Automatic oil changes are based on the manufactures spec's or 40 000 km, or every 20 000 km if towing load frequently.

Why do I need to change my Coolant?
Coolant degrades overtime, rust and scale deposits can build up. This should be changed every 2/3 years or by the manufactures spec's. Not changing your coolant is the main cause of mechanical breakdown in cooling systems.

Why do I need to change my oil?
Engine oil becomes contaminated with fuel, water, dirt and combustion by products. So in time this will reduce the lubrication quality of the engine oil. Changing engine oil and filter is much cheaper than major engine repairs!! Once a year or every 10 000 km fir best results.